Demonstration Solidarität mit den Geflüchteten 23. Januar 2016

Speech International Women Space – Demo Tempelhof 23rd January 2016

We are here because you destroyed our lands and now we demand that Solidarity must be political! Women in the Lager, women in any accomodation for refugees unite!

Feminists join the struggle for the rights of refugee women in Germany! We must create a stronger alliance to fight the racist laws, which don‘t grant asylum to women and instead sends them to crowded accomodations for indefinite time, with no right for privacy, for asylum, for any kind of protection.

We demand freedom of movement for all! We demand the right of asylum for all people endangered as a consequence of the western imperialistic wars! As women we demand that gender persecution is included immediately in the list of reasons for granting asylum. The current situation is such that women are being killed all over the world as consequence of rape, domestic violence, forced sterilization, forced prostitution, trafficking of women, Female Genital Mutilation, forced abortion, honor killing, punishment for adultery and forced marriage just to mention a few of the reasons why women have to flee. The same violence women are facing in their home countries, they are facing here, being locked up inside the asylum system.These are systematic violences! These are consequences of this horrendous Patriarchy, which needs be abolished!

Refugee women can be – and they are – harassed daily in the Notunterkünfte, Lager and the Patriarchy responds to it with a heavy silence. It makes no sense at all to make a big case out of what happened in Köln and other german cities when the reasons behind such a commotion are nothing but racist propaganda against refugees. No women will be ever safe in a society, which selects cases to be concerned with. All women must feel safe or no one is.

We have been fighting against Lagerpflicht, Residenzpflicht and the Gutscheinsystem for decades! We succeeded to practically abolish Residenzpflicht and The Gutscheinsystem and with the new laws we go back to zero! The reintroduction of the Residenzpflicht will again segregate and isolate people. The distribution of food packages instead of cash money will bring more humiliation. With the instalation of more Notunterkünfte,like here in Tempelhof, thousands of people are obliged to live with no privacy at all. We know how vulnerable and exposed women can be in such circumstances. These conditions offered to those seeking for protection in the asylum system is a reproduction of colonialism but right inside of the empire.

We demand from all the solidarity groups to look politically at the situation of the women in the Lagers because the german politicians won‘t do it! Shame on a system that houses the few refugee women who reache this country in dreadfull accommodations with no privacy nor perspective! Shame on you Germany for letting the women perish invisibly in these Lagers! Shame on you Germany for planning to deport the women back to where they courageously flee from!

We repeat! Women unite to defend the brave women who managed to cross all the dangerous borders and reached this country! The only way we can combat the racist system is to organize ourselves and fight for our liberation!

Thank you!