Speech Weisekiez Initiative

Demonstration Against Asylum Package II, Security-Violence and the Lagerregime, 16th of February 2016

Foto Demo Asylpaket II 4

Tonight we shouldn‘t forget that the problem are not just the new laws, but a system that is behind them, a system that works by dividing people, a system that produces differences to exploit them. The laws that we are protesting against are just an expression of this system of separation. Some of them resulted from the events of New Year’s Eve in Cologne. The investigations of these sexual assaults are not concluded, but nevertheless all refugees are getting punished by the new laws.
From the outset capitalism has been using the binary gender system to allocate women unpaid reproductive work. Now the government is allegedly worrying about women, who it considers threatened by so called foreign men. They pretend that the new laws will protect women, but actually they affect those who have been fleeing patriarchal violence – in the lagers women, lesbians, intersexuals, gays, transpeople and queers are already facing patriarchal violence from multiple sides – from the state, from the lager administration, from security guards and from other people who are forced to live there. Sexual violence is not just the problem of the others, its here in the so called centre of European civilization, it’s everywhere, in the job, on the streets and within the nuclear family.
Not only women but also homeless people, unemployed people and workers are played off against refugees. Fears are being stoked that refugees are going to take their jobs and flats. These are not just the arguments of the far right parties like the AFD and the NPD. The major parties are also employing those tactics. For example they propose to annul the minimum wage for refugees or to employ many of them in One-Euro-Jobs. Thus the basic problem of capitalism is concealed, which is that a few property owning people are controlling and exploiting the masses. Through this divide the exploited are made to fight each other, instead of fighting the unequal and determing ownership structure. They are made to compete for living space, instead of taking empty houses and demanding flats for all!
The lagerregime demonstrates this politics of separation. The law promotes that private persons establish and operate lagers, that they benefit from the hardships of the refugees and that they rule hundreds of people. There is no necessity that those who are held in lagers fight each other. Those who are made refugees are being oppressed, but so are most of the workers who sell their labour-power to make a living. It is by subtle mechanisms of separation which work within the subject through identity-building constructs like religion, nation and property that everybody is incited to sacrifice herself for constructed identities, for the company, religion or the nation.
Furthermore so called refugees are being divided within themselves, in good refugees and bad refugees. The laws of the asylum package II sustain these politics. Refugees who have good prospects of staying in Germany are distinguished from people from „safe countries of origin“ and people without papers. The latter will be brought to special lagers, so called „special reception centers“, where they will get processed and deported within three weeks.
By promising jobs, the right to stay and family reunification to some of them they are prevented from solidarising with other refugees. The self-organization of the people in the lagers and political resistance against the government’s racist politics get nipped in the bud.
Today we are rallying against the laws of the asylum package II. But we can‘t expect anything from those who are sitting in parliament. They are protecting the wealth that stems from the exploitation of the colonies and grows within neocolonial power relations. They are protecting the borders of nation states drawn by the imperialists, borders that are the conditions of the global market. They are selling weapons all over the world! They are supporting the wars in Iraque, Afghanistan and Syria, those wars that are forcing so many people to flee.
Currently the government is negotiating with the Turkish government. They go to any lengths to pretend people from coming to Germany. While the AKP government is slaughtering people in south-east Turkey and extending their military aggressions to Rojava, the German government does everything that Turkey is given billions of Euros. The ruling are permanently producing the causes of flight. They are protecting capitalism, that produces and feeds on social inequalities. There are no other means for them to maintain it than walls and weapons. While Germany is presenting herself as an open-minded haven of humanity the borders of Europe are being fortified.
It is not enough to fight laws, the failure is in the system!
Lets not be played off against each other!
The racist politics and the lager system are no longer acceptable!