Call for Rally Against Separation and Deportation, 26th of June, Tempelhofer Feld

Idomeni, Konik, Pehlivanköy, Moria, Calais, Berlin Tempelhof – fight racist separation – everywhere!!!

Rally against separation and deportation
26th of June, Tempelhofer Feld, near the main entrance Oderstraße, end of the former northern runway

Eight months have passed since there have been set up “emergency shelters” in the Hangars of the former Berlin Tempelhof Airport. The name conceals that this is an institution in which human beings have been living in isolation under unlivable conditions for many months.
The campsystem is kept alive by social divisions which categorize humans in classes, nationalities and genders. Along these internal borders humans get stratified on a hierarchical level and played off against each other.
Tamaja GmbH, the company that runs the camp in the Hangars, profits not only from the emergency situation of the inhabitants but also from the precarious situation of the workers. Private Entrepreneurs are given the opportunity to enrich themselves on the expense of others. Per each person the LaGeSo pays around 1000€ – while each inhabitant has to live on ca. 2m² only!

Pointing out their “worries” about the so called refugees the Senat of Berlin even abrogated the law that prohibited construction on the Tempelhofer Feld. In January they sacrificed the law, which was created by a referendum, in order to set up halls on the forefield and to enlarge the camp for up to 8000 fled people. Its for sure that the Senat is interested in setting up luxurious apartments and other lucrative real estate on the Tempelhofer Feld, but what will happen to the people in the camp is unsure so far.
On the one hand there are much less people living in the hangars than in winter and the plans about the enlargement are just partially realised. On the other hand there is the risk that Tempelhof will become an even bigger machinery of selection and deportation, in which people get filtered, registered and deported in a very short time.
It is dependant on the European politics of fortification how the situation is going to develop. The external border of the EU have been closed during the last months, which leads to the fact that only very few people make it to Berlin. But even if the Hangars stayed empty in future and all the people who are forced to live there were giving the possibility to stay – it wouldn´t be the end of racist separation. Separation and deportation will continue, the borders don´t dissolve, they are rather shifting. Fleeing people fail at the high border fences, they get imprisoned in camps, in Moria (Lesbos), Konik (Montenegro), Calais, Tempelhof or in Turkey, e.g. in Pehlivanköy/Kırklareli, from where they get deported by the Turkish state on behalf of the European Union.
In contrast to the rigid and obvious racist policies of colonialism the borders of modern neo-liberal capitalism have become fluid and more flexible. But oppression doesn´t stop, its rather disguises itself by subtle mechanisms. While European states in conjunction with capital exploit people and wage war all over the world, they display themselves as the summit of civilisation.
On the 26th of June at 4 pm on the Tempelhofer Feld we want to rise awareness about the situation of the so called refugees not just in the Hangars but in all camps worldwide. We want to call attention to the violent politics of (supra)national and social borders and to the profit which private business men_women draw on fleeing people in need.
So we ask you to show up in large numbers and to support the attempt to counterpose the separation in the camps a space of solidarity on the Tempelhofer Feld!

[Weisekiezinitiative _ committee political resistance]